Techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Most of the techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu address grappling on the ground. There are some takedowns, self-defense techniques, and striking, but the core of the art involves improving, maintaining, or defending ground positions; along with submissions such as chokes and armlocks.

Most of the techniques are organized around specific positions. BJJ is sometimes described as "position first, then submission". What follows is a small sampling of the many hundreds of techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor. Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.

From on top
Half Guard Half guard pass (no gi) Gene Simco
Pass Jacaré
Pass BJJFighter
North/south or 69 Kimura shoulder lock Gene Simco
Armbar, head scissor Bolo
Side control or Paint-brush arm lock (no gi) Gene Simco
scarf hold Armlock Bolo
Shoulder wrench, reverse triangle Bolo
Knee lock Bolo
Wristlock, shoulder crank Bolo
Armbar, choke Bolo
Knee mount, armbar Cesar Gracie
Choke, armbar TheTechniques
Choke, armbar Erin Toughill
Americana armbar (with legs) BJJFighter
Straight armbar BJJFighter
Keylock BJJFighter
Kimura BJJFighter
Kneebar BJJFighter
Straight armbar (with arms) BJJFighter
Mount Counter to armbar defense Bolo
Paint-brush, armlock Bolo
Leg crucifix Craig Wallace
Straight armbar BJJFighter
Straight armbar 2 BJJFighter
Cross choke BJJFighter
Kata gatame choke BJJFighter
Keylock armbar BJJFighter
Guard Pass: leg on shoulder Bolo
Pass: far knee Bolo
Pass: near knee Bolo
Pass: arm/leg pull Bolo
Pass: headstand Bolo
Pass: forward roll Bolo
Footlock InTheGuard
Pass butterfly guard InTheGuard
Triangle escape: pull knee InTheGuard
Pass: push knee, opposite leg InTheGuard
Pass: clear leg to side InTheGuard
Summersault pass TheTechniques
[De la Riva] Rolling pass, clock choke TheTechniques
Pass: Headstand BJJFighter
Pass: Open guard BJJFighter
Pass BJJFighter
Pass: under legs BJJFighter
Back or back mount Rear naked choke Bolo
Back choke, clock choke Cesar Gracie
Double collar choke, half-nelson choke, arm trap Gene Simco
Double lapel choke BJJFighter
Knee on stomach Collar choke BJJFighter
Elbow lock BJJFighter

From the bottom
Mounted Elbow-knee escape Gene Simco
Elbow-knee escape: foot lift Bolo
Elbow-knee escape: foot drag Bolo
Upa bridge/roll InTheGuard
Slide legs / push hips InTheGuard
Belt escape BJJFighter
Upa bridge escape BJJFighter
Closed Guard Triangle choke, bicep slicer Bolo
Armdrag, armbar Bolo
Armdrag, collar choke Bolo
Armdrag, half nelson Bolo
Armdrag, sweep, armlock Bolo
Armdrag, far armlock Bolo
Armdrag, shoulder wrench Bolo
Armlock, defend stack Bolo
Guillotine, triangle, armbar Bolo
Sweep, armbar Gene Simco
[Scissors counter] Belt sweep Gene Simco
Omoplata Jacaré
Shin choke (no gi) Gracie Barra
Double attack (armlock/triangle) InTheGuard
Omoplata, back-roll sweep InTheGuard
Scissors sweep InTheGuard
Arm Bar TheTechniques
Uma Plata TheTechniques
Back roll, ankle pick, ankle lock TheTechniques
Cross foot hook, bridge TheTechniques
Triangle choke, wrist & shoulder lock Erin Toughill
Armbar BJJFighter
Cross choke BJJFighter
Double armbar BJJFighter
Eziquiel choke BJJFighter
Kimura BJJFighter
Scissor sweep BJJFighter
Take the back BJJFighter
Open Guard, Single-leg, sweep, take the back Bolo
Spider Guard, or Sweep, knee lock Bolo
Butterfly Guard Butterfly sweep, bicep slicer Cesar Gracie
Roll, triangle, armbar Cesar Gracie
Sitting sweep Jacaré
Omoplata Gracie Barra
Elevator, armlock InTheGuard
Joga Fora (sit-up sweep) InTheGuard
Backdoor, back hooks InTheGuard
Hook sweep InTheGuard
Sweep TheTechniques
Sweep to hammerlock TheTechniques
Climb to back, rear choke TheTechniques
Bicep lock BJJFighter
Bicep sweep BJJFighter
Hook sweep BJJFighter
Omoplata BJJFighter
Sweep 1 BJJFighter
Sweep 2 BJJFighter
Elevator sweep BJJFighter
Spider sweep 1 BJJFighter
Spider sweep 2 BJJFighter
Triangle choke, armbar BJJFighter
De la Riva Guard Sweep 1 BJJFighter
Sweep 2 BJJFighter
Half Guard Helicopter sweep InTheGuard
Sweep TheTechniques
Knee-on-stomach Heel hook Cesar Gracie
North/south or 69 Leg sweep InTheGuard
Side control or Reversal: Bridge to knees InTheGuard
scarf hold Leg-over reversal InTheGuard
Escape to guard BJJFighter
Back mounted Turn-in escape InTheGuard

From the same level
Sitting Ankle lock Gene Simco
[Footlock] Calf crank Bolo
On knees Omoplata shoulder lock Gene Simco
Armbar, kneelock Bolo
Clock choke escape Gracie Barra
Get back hooks (no gi) InTheGuard
Clock choke InTheGuard
Standing [Guillotine] Lift throw (no gi) Gene Simco
[Single leg] Omoplata Cesar Gracie
Sprawl counter, ankle pick (no gi) Cesar Gracie
Hook-n-sweep takedown Jacaré
Air triangle choke (no gi) Gracie Barra
Uchi mata, ankle pick Gracie Barra
Kimura sweep (no gi) Gracie Barra
Arm drag, front lift (no gi) Gracie Barra
Guillotine choke (no gi) Gracie Barra
Arm drag, hook trip (no gi) InTheGuard
Under-arm hip throw (ippon seoi) InTheGuard
Whizzer, roll to kneebar (no gi) TheTechniques
[Single leg] Counter, bicep slicer TheTechniques
Achilles lock TheTechniques
Crotch throw (MMA) Erin Toughill
Side throw, kneebar (MMA) Erin Toughill
[Rear bear hug], sweep, mount, armbar Erin Toughill
[Rear bear hug], ankle pick, kneebar (no gi) Erin Toughill
[Rear choke], osoto gari, armbar (no gi) Erin Toughill
[Roundhouse kick], sweep, ankle lock (MMA) Erin Toughill
[Uchi mata counter], kneebar BJJFighter
Osoto gari trip throw BJJFighter

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