Submission Grappling

A Technique from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
By BJJ.Org Featured Contributor Gene "Aranha" Simco.

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.

Submission Grappling
I was really happy to have my friend Rob around to help me demonstrate this technique. Rob was around 240 pounds at the time of this photo shoot and I was about 185 pounds. The reason I'm happy about the weight difference is this: it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate how this move does not involve as much strength as you think.

1. I find myself in the choke, I then look up, looking up takes a lot of pressure off the front of my neck.

2. I then place my left hand over his back and my right arm under his leg. It is important to note my base and posture. I am pretty straight and looking up, my knees are bent and my base is wide. The fact that his arm is over my back puts weight over my shoulders and makes him easier to lift.
3. The lift is only temporary, I turn and lift simultaneously, I had to hold it for longer in the picture than you will in real life.
4. I land in a solid side control position.

Techniques demonstrated by Gene Simco and Rob Constance. Photography by Adam Weissman. This information was originally published on It is made available on BJJ.Org by the express permission of featured contributor Gene "Aranha" Simco. Downloaded on Fri Jun 14 19:46:49 PDT 2002.
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