(Spider guard, with gi)

A Technique from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Courtesy bjjfighter.com

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.

I begin with my opponent in my open guard, I am controlling both his arms and have both my feet in his biceps.
I then turn my hips to the left and slide my left leg across my opponents shin.
Next, I hook the inside of my opponents right leg with my left arm and pass my left leg through to the right side of his body.
I then pull my opponents right sleeve in while I kick my right leg out.
I then lie on my right side, sweeping my opponent over me.
I use my momentum to sit up as my opponent is forced onto his back.
I then drop my weight and come chest to chest with my opponent, securing a strong side control.

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