Single-leg counter - omoplata

A Technique from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
By BJJ.Org Featured Contributor Cesar Gracie

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.

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1. Starting from the stand up.
2. Opponent goes for a single leg with his head on the inside and his left arm wrapped around your right leg.
3. Apply a wizard (your right arm hooks his left arm and shuck him as you turn to your left). Your opponent will go to his knees.
4. Make sure to sprawl your right leg back as you shuck. Keep your left leg up. Assuming he still has the hold, look to see if his left arm is still deeply wrapped around your leg. If not, this is not the proper time for this move.
5. Take your right arm and secure his elbow. It's important that you face the same direction as your opponent is facing.
6. Roll over your right shoulder and shoot your right leg through his hold.
7. With a somewhat straight leg, apply pressure and push your opponents shoulder to the mat as you come out of the roll. Use your right arm to secure his back so he can't roll out.
8. Bend your right leg and put your left leg behind you as if kneeling with it. Make sure your shin is almost flat on the ground.
9. Sit up by rolling on your right shin and pushing with your left foot. Hug his arm to keep the hold tight.

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