Helicopter Sweep
Roberto "Roleta" Magalhães's sweep

A Technique from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
By Cláudio Moreno and Andres Lenta

Video: AVI [400K] of the technique.

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.

1hel.jpg - 38,88 K  The opponent (Andres) is trying to pass the guard with one hand under the leg and the other holding Cláudio's knee to the ground.
2hel.jpg - 44,57 K  Cláudio (the fighter on bottom) then secures a cross grip on the arm that is holding his knee. It is important to get a grip on the same arm that is holding his knee.
3hel.jpg - 33,19 K 
3ahel.jpg - 27,70 K  Cláudio then allows Andres to pass one of his legs over the knee that is being held, so that Andres has his weight over Cláudio's trapped leg. Detail: The cross grip that Cláudio has on Andres's sleeve should not be let go until the sweep is finished. Cláudio's leg, which is between Andres's legs, will remain in that position until the end of the sweep. This will be his leverage point for the technique. Cláudio will begin to turn on his right shoulder as Andres comes around the guard to give the impression that he is rolling to "all fours".
4hel.jpg - 33,20 K 
4ahel.jpg - 36,00 K  Cláudio then secures a grip on Andres's pants just below the left knee, then continues rotating on his shoulder in order to get his chest under Andres, so that Andres's weight is over Cláudio's chest and leg (which is between Andres's legs). Detail: Cláudio's grip on Andres's leg is on the same side as his grip on Andres's sleeve. In this case, it is Andres's left sleeve and leg.
5hel.jpg - 39,73 K  Having control of the sleeve and leg, Cláudio makes a pendelum movement throwing Andres over the top with his leg while at the same time pulling the arm and leg of Andres.
6hel.jpg - 39,02 K  After completing the sweep, Cláudio will be on the side of Andres, but usually the leg will still be inside the legs of the opponent. He will remove the leg from between the opponent's legs first, and then reposition the other leg (which is under Andres's head in this case) to secure the side hold down. Detail: Do not release the grips on the sleeve and leg until you have your leg free from between your opponnet's legs.
7hel.jpg - 33,70 K  After freeing the leg that was between Andres's legs and repositioning his other leg, Cláudio secures the side mount by releasing the grip on the sleeve and securing Andres under his neck, and placing his weight on Andres's chest to complete the hold down.

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