Joga Fora no Lixo Sweep
(Throw the Garbage Out)

A Technique from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
By Cláudio Moreno and Andres Lenta

Video: AVI [220K] of the technique.

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.

1joga.jpg - 30,58 K 
1ajoga.jpg - 30,00 K  Cláudio (on bottom) is using the butterfly guard, sitting up with the intention of sweeping Andres (on top) with a basic sweep. Andres is trying to pass Cláudio's guard. Cláudio slides his left arm under the right arm of Andres, which is the same side Cláudio has a foot hook (left foot) under Andres's thigh, and secures a grip on Andres's belt in the back. Cláudio then secures a grip on the left knee of Andres with his other hand.
2joga.jpg - 33,91 K 
2ajoga.jpg - 27,06 K  After securing the two grips, Cláudio will roll to his back and pull Andres on top of him as if he were going to execute the original sweep. In order to counter this sweep, Andres posts his left foot out to the side and slightly forward, and posts his hands.
3joga.jpg - 34,12 K  After Andres post his foot, Claúdio releases the grip on his knee and slides his arm under Andres's leg, but maintains the grip he has on the belt with his other hand.
4joga.jpg - 38,10 K  After switching his grip, Cláudio again sits up and slides his hips away from Andres a little. By doing this, Cláudio is able to hug Andres's leg close to his chest. Detail: Cláudio is sure to keep Andres's leg high and close to his chest in order to keep the technique tight and not allow space for Andres to counter.
5joga.jpg - 45,21 K 
5ajoga.jpg - 45,97 K  After securing the leg close to his chest, Cláudio comes up on his knees quickly, and while keeping his grips on the leg and belt, he performs a movement similar to the Baiana (double leg), raising Andres's leg up higher, and lowering the arm which is securing the belt, turning the opponent sideways in the air. This totally throws off Andres's balance. If the opponent stands, Cláudio will also stand, keeping his grips. The important point of this sweep is that the arm under the opponent's leg must always be maintaining an upward pressure on the leg of the opponent.
6joga.jpg - 32,41 K  After completing the sweep, Cláudio secures the hold down in the side mount position.

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